Once upon a time

Our Story

This historical residence, belonging to the powerful and princely Roman family of the Borghese family, dates back to the middle of the 16th century. Since the very beginning of the seventeenth century and for a long period it was called The house annexed to the Borghese Palace and was rented by the princes.

Palazzo Borghese


Subsequently, in 1841 at the request of Princess Adelaide the building was entrusted to the French nuns of the order of the Daughters of the Cross and they founded, the First School for Poor Girls. Princess Adelaide wished to create an institution for less fortunate girls, where they could receive an education that would equip them for a more positive future.

modern days


Later, between 1897 and 1916, during the 15 years of ownership and management of Princess Anna Maria De Ferrari Borghese, wife of Scipione Borghese, the building was renovated along with the other homes annexed to the Palace to create a comfortable residential quarters for the sisters and transformed the additional space into a school and kindergarten. On May 13th 1938 the school was donated to the French nuns, who remained the sole owners until few years ago.

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